Friday, August 6, 2010

Ten Bucks Friday - And the Winner Is

Dr. Donna Campbell. 

She is a working mom, a doctor who obviously fully understands what type of reform is really needed for our healthcare system.  She is also lover of our founders. 

Donna also uses her talents to help the less fortunate.  She volunteers for The Christian Eye Ministry and goes to Africa to perform surgery on people who otherwise never be able to afford it, and giving them their sight back.  She is no stranger to hard work as she watched her mom, a high school dropout, get her G.E.D and then go onto nursing school.  She has worked since her teenage years and put herself through college.  She is board certified as an ophthalmologist and an emergency room doctor.  She has done all of this while raising four children. 

Please give as much as you can to her campaign, and don't forget to mark your donation as Ten Bucks Friday.    She is running against Lloyd Doggett in the Texas 25th. 

If you have ideas for the new poll that will come out on Sunday, please head over to Right Klik and leave a comment. 

This is the year of the conservative woman!!!  Showing this country our own brand of feminism. 

Remember, we can see November from our houses!! 

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RightKlik said...

Thank you! Great video

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