Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Amazing Turnaround - The Left Looking to President Bush

With President Obama's waffling lack of leadership with the controversy over the Ground Zero Mosque, the lefty talking heads are looking to President Bush for some leadership:

"It's time for W. to weigh in," writes the New York Times' Maureen Dowd. Bush, Dowd explains, understands that "you can't have an effective war against the terrorists if it is a war on Islam." "W. needs to get his bullhorn back out"

Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson is also looking for an assist from Bush. "I…would love to hear from former President Bush on this issue," Robinson wrote Tuesday in a Post chat session. "He held Ramadan iftar dinners in the White House as part of a much broader effort to show that our fight against the al-Qaeda murderers who attacked us on 9/11 was not a crusade against Islam. He was absolutely right on this point, and it would be helpful to hear his views."

Words I never thought I'd write: I pine for George W. Bush," Beinart wrote Tuesday in The Daily Beast. "Whatever his flaws, the man respected religion, all religion." Beinart longs for the days when Bush "used to say that the 'war on terror' was a struggle on behalf of Muslims, decent folks who wanted nothing more than to live free like you and me…"

President Bush made it very clear throughout his presidency that not all Muslims are terrorists.  He bent over backwards to make that clear and to reach out to the more moderate Muslim world.  In return he was given a slap in the face, so it is refreshing to see that lunatic left is finally seeing what he was trying to do. 

I have said many times, there is much about President Bush to complain about.  He was in office for eight years, of course he was going to make mistakes in that time.  There is no way that he couldn't  make mistakes.  President Bush was a man of character.  Disagree with his principles, but stop saying that he didn't stand by them; even when it was hard. 

Let's put it this way; President Bush is smart enough to keep his mouth shut on this issue, President Obama; not so much.  I truly believe that history will be much kinder to President Bush than the lunatic left who framed him as a murderer and war criminal. 

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The Conservative Lady said...

I think you are right the history will be kinder to President Bush. It is smart for him to keep silent on this issue.
These left lunatics will be bashing President Bush the next day. Who do they think they're kidding?

Just a conservative girl said...

I think he would come out in favor of it. Especially if he was speaking as president. The President takes an oath to protect and uphold the constitution, freedom of worship is one of the most basic of human rights.

Ciao Baby said...

America has spoken, and about 85-90% say no Mosque on that site. Those people who demand the right to build there need to be told to leave the country, and never come back. No Mosque needs to be build there. The vast majority of Americans say NO!!!!

Imagine a Mother/Father that lost a child at the WTC on 9-11 and now Nancy is calling for them to be investigated because they don't want a Masque build on their child's grave!

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