Thursday, August 19, 2010

Quote of the Day - Russell Simmons Edition

"There's a lot of dialogue about some people are sensitive and who- but, again, like I said, if you are- if you're blaming Muslims, then you need to change your mind. If you're blaming Muslims for the attack on 9/11, then you need to change your mind. We didn't- did we blame Christians at the first World Trade attack? We didn't, and I think it's insane and it's wrong-headed. It creates a negative- cycle of negativity."

Umm, Mr. Simmons, we didn't blame Christians for the first World Trade Center bombing because they didn't do it, Ramzi Yousef, the nephew of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed; mastermind of 9/11, did. 

And we wonder why our nation is in the trouble it is.  Sadly, people like this who apparently have no grasp on history vote.  This is recent history too. 

1 comment:

hometown guy said...

i'm sure you figured out he was referring to timothy mc veigh.

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