Friday, August 6, 2010

Is Palin Getting Ready for a Presidental Run?

SarahPac has released it's latest financial reports.  The numbers are telling an interesting story.  Her pac has raised almost $870,000 for the past two months.  Which really isn't a great deal of money, but the vast majority of it has come from small donors, the sign of a grassroots movement. 

She has hired several consultants to do direct mail fundraising for her.  (Hey, you can hire me, I did it for more than a decade).  Direct mail is one of the best ways for a politican to build grassroots support, it will build a powerful list of not just names, but also e-mail address.  Something vital if you want to compete with what President Obama was able to accomplish in 08. 

She is also spending a great deal of money on policy advisors, more specifically foreign policy; that is costing her about $10,000 per month.  That is a great deal of money to spend if you are not seriously thinking about making a run for it. 

One of the downsides to the numbers that have been released is that she is spending more money on advisors and direct mail than giving money to other 10 candidate hopefuls.  I would think that some people may feel that is what they were giving money for.  One of the most interesting number on her report is her $5,000 donation to Senator Grassley's re-election campaign. Grassley is from Iowa; where the first votes are cast for the nomination.  And people call her stupid. 


LL said...

I don't know that I'd vote for Palin ahead of other possible candidates. However I applaud her effort and if she makes it, good for her.

Just a conservative girl said...

I doubt that I will vote for her either. Unless of course she gets the nomination. But, she is not my first choice. It is a long way off, so we will see.

Lisa said...

I really have an issue with this. If she wanted to run, she should have run and been vetted like everyone else. To try to come in at the end is wrong, I think. We need to go with one of our current candidates who had the guts to stand up and run for office.

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