Monday, August 16, 2010

Ten Bucks Fridays - Vote Up Folks

Sorry this is later than I normally post, but I had some issues getting it load correctly. 

Anyway - Patrick Murray is running against Jim Moron Moran in Virginia.  He is no longer my rep, but was for many years.  I can't even think of the right words to say about this man.  What I will add is the fact that he has the same view point of his service that Charlie Rangel said on the house of the floor earlier this week; he doesn't have to worry, as he will keep getting re-elected.  Just maybe Murray can prove him wrong. 

Also - One must love Allen West; he is just amazing. 

Tea Party Fav. Marco Rubio is also on the poll as well. 

Maryland is in such need for some fiscal displine, Brian Murphy may just be the one to provide it. 

Vote up and spread the word about your favorite conservative candidate.  If you have ideas of people who need some attention and a money bomb, head on over to Right Klik and let him know.  He has worked tirelessly to make this the growing thing it has become.  So thanks Right Klik, you Rock!!!

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