Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ok, Now I am Going to Weigh In on Michelle's Vacation

I have kept my mouth shut about Michelle's vacation, what she does on her own time is not my business.  Nor is how she spends her money.  They are multi-millionaires and can easily afford a nice vacation.  While I agree that she and her hubby are totally tone deaf to the perception that they are giving out, I don't find that surprising.  I think they are completely tone deaf on almost all things. 

What I am going to really take issue with is the outfits that her and Sasha wore to an "Official" visit to the King and Queen of Spain.  Now, this part of her little vacation put the tax payers on the hook for 50% of the cost of the trip.  It is being reported that tax payers will be picking up about $250,000 of the tab due to the lunch she shared with the King and Queen.

This is how this woman and her daughter dress for this? 

Did she look at her daughter's outfit before she took her on an official visit?  Sasha is a little girl and I am sure to her putting on a skirt means she is dressed up.  She isn't old enough to understand the whole making an image around the world thing.  I am sorry, but both of them are completely and utterly inappropriately dressed for this occasion.  She is representing the United States.  The royal family was dressed in a manner that suits the occasion. 

I was unable to find a photo that I could copy that shows them from the front, but here is a video. 

~~This is shameful~~

1 comment:

Linda said...

Don't you know she has no 'class'. Of course, if I went to a shindig like this, I'd have to go shopping. My jeans and T-shirts just wouldn't cut it.

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