Friday, August 20, 2010

Bob Beckel Shows What an Idiot He Is

The below video is really long, but at almost 14:30 into it, Bob Beckel comes out with the statement that we have to get over 9/11.  While I will agree that many New Yorkers are reacting to the Ground Zero Mosque on an emotional level, that doesn't mean that they are wrong.  It has been less than ten years since it happened.  I live outside of Washington, DC, and we were also hit on 9/11.  The damage done to the Pentagon was nothing compared to what happened in New York.  The Pentagon's damage was only a small part of the building and the fire was put out in a matter of days.  The city got back to almost normal in a matter of weeks.  If you didn't drive by the Pentagon you wouldn't have really known about the additional security measures. 

I grew up in Southern CT, very close to New York City.  You can be in Manhatten in 40 minutes, so I have been there many times.  Shortly after 9/11 I had this draw to go to the city to see it.  I will never forget that smell.   The buildings burned for months after the attack.  The trade center is still nothing more than a hole in the ground.  It was actually many years later until I drove home to CT.  I will never forget when I was driving on the George Washington Bridge and looked over to see big gapping hole in the NYC skyline.  No, Bob, I am not yet over it.

Do you think the men who carried out this dead firmeman should get over it? 

How bad must it have been in that building that this was the better choice? 

Should these six children get over it, Bob? 

Do you think they are going to forget this moment? 

So yes, Bob, this is still raw.  For the people who lived through this day and people who lived in the city at the time, it may remain that way forever for them.  Apparently, you can blame for it, but personally, I don't have the heart to.

Then we have this idiot blaming President Bush for 9/11:


trencherbone said...

We need to celebrate diversity by acknowledging that Ground Zero is a hallowed site for Muslims as well as for Jews and Christians, and it is only right that they should build a mosque there.

Ground Zero is sacred to Islam as being the holy altar on which 3000 najis kafirs were sacrificed as burnt offerings to Allah (aka Moloch) for the greater glory of the Religion of Peace™ .

Mom2mykids said...

Actually, I think the man being carried out is the priest who died at the site on 9/11, Father Mychal Judge. He was giving last rites to a fireman who had been killed when he himself was killed by debris. has an article about him. On a side note, Bob Beckel's an idiot most of the time. I have watched him for quite a while on Hannity and other shows, and I honestly do not think he comprehends how the majority of Americans feel most of the time.

lady di said...

We should never become complacent and Bob has been an idiot for years.

Just a conservative girl said...

Yes, that is Mychal Judge, he worked for the fire department.

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