Saturday, August 21, 2010

Code Pink to Gold Star Mom - "Your Son Deserved to Die"

When you hear things like this is it any wonder that conservatives are completely appalled by the far left lunatics?  Marc Allen Lee was killed in the line of duty in Iraq in 2006.  Marc who had a family that loved him and was proud of his decision to serve our country.  A family that now really understands what the ultimate sacrifice really means.  They understand what means in way that I simply just don't, as I have never come home to a Chaplain standing on my porch to inform me that someone I loved is dead. 

Debbie Lee, Marc's mom, does understand this.  Since her son's death she has worked tirelessly to help our vets and their families.  She works to make sure that they receive the benefits and respect that their service deserves.  She works full time with Move America Forward, a non-profit that she helped co-found. 

She spends some of her time defending our troops against the likes of Code Pink who are not just anti-war, but are socialists who believe that our military should be disbanded.  One such an occasion was when Code Pink and crew were trying to shut down the military recruiting offices in Berkeley, CA.  This is when she told Ms. Lee that her son deserved to die.  A statement like that is inhumane.  The entire reason that this lunatic is able to say these things is because this boy died for her freedoms. 

Jodi Evans is now trying to help elect Jerry Brown the governor of California.  She is a former campaign manager for him when he tried to run for president, and is currently raising money for his efforts at office in November.  That should tell everyone everything that you need to know about Jerry Brown.  One of Ms. Evans' bff is none other Cindy Sheehan.  It leaves one to wonder if Evans believes that Sheehan's son also deserved to die.  No matter what I think about Sheehan's politics she has lost a child, the worst thing that can happen to a person.  For that she has my deepest sympathies and gratitude for the service he performed to protect my freedoms. 

This is information that needs to spread around California far and wide.  People need to know that a man running for governor is taking money from a woman who has called terrorists in Iraq who kill American soldiers freedom fighters, while she in the same breath says that our bravest deserve to die.  That she is involved with helping finance the flotilla to Gaza along with William Ayers, that she admires Chavez who is a dictator who kills and jails anyone who disagrees with him.  She also has raised money for the opposition in Iraq.  This is not a woman who has America's best interests at heart.  Matter of fact, if it can be proven that she is raising money for the people fighting against America in Iraq she belongs in jail for treason.

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Opus #6 said...

I hope this mother knows that the rest of us appreciate SO MUCH her son's sacrifice and hers. :-(

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