Friday, August 27, 2010

Help if You Can

Very close friends of mine are having some major difficulties at the moment.  He finally found a job after five months of unemployment and recently lost that job as well.  Luckily while times were good, he over paid his mortgage because the plan had been to refinance.  But, he is underwater and refinancing is going to be difficult at best, especially since he is not working full time. 

They are moving in with friends who have extra space after renting his house furnished.  We are crossing our fingers that the renters will take care of his stuff.  He and his wife are going through major adjustments.  She home schooled her kids, but now she had to get a job and the kids start a public school for the first time in their lives in a few weeks.  They both are working part time as that is all they can find for the moment. 

They have completely run out savings and the mortgage payments that they paid ahead have now run out.  The rent that they are collecting will not pay the mortgage in full, it helps, but it is not everything that they need.  They are just in major meltdown at the moment and the strains are showing in their marriage.  The house is rented for six months and the friends agreed to let them stay for the duration of that time, but that will be gone in a blink of an eye, and then they will be right back to where they started unless he finds another job that pays as well as his first one. 

So, if anyone has any extra money I have added a pay pal account to help raise some money for some really good people who are just in a bad way at the moment and need some help.  I have done all that I can, but thought that this may be one more way for me to help them out.  I am sure that they will be mortified to know that I did this, but hey, these are unusual circumstances and I am a big believer in pay it forward.  At different times in my life I had to get help.  It can happen to almost anyone.  Even small amounts will add up over time.  I am going to repost this from time to time. 

I want to say thanks in advance to anyone that can help out some very decent people who just found themselves in a bad situation that is no fault of their own. 


Anonymous said...

That's a fantastic thing you have done there. What a terrible situation for your friends. I am in the UK and was watching a documentary about the recession in the USA yesterday. I am really shocked at how bad things are getting over there. I have friends in Oregon and they tell me the schools are holding food drives when they get back in September! Hoping things improve for everyone soon.

Just a conservative girl said...

yes, things are getting bad here. Normally in a recession it is only a segment of our population are hurt by it, but that is not the case this time around. Everyone is hurting and the employment is not getting any better, nor does it look like it will for a few years.

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