Monday, August 23, 2010

Damon Dunn - A Patriot Running in California

Football fans may know the name, he used to play in the NFL.  He has an amazing life story.  His mom, who was very young when he was born and raised him alone, told him that attending college was the only option.  He worked hard and made it to Stanford University.  While there, he met Dr. Condi Rice.  She explained to him what conservatism means.  He didn't have many republicans explaining things to him while he was growing up.  He worked hard and made it to the NFL.  His career wasn't anything stellar and he decided to leave and start a real estate business.  He did excel there.  He is now running for Secretary of State in California.  We need to spread the word and the green.  He is one of the good guys. 

See his website here

1 comment:

Lisa, An American Mom said...

Love it! He IS a good guy. I voted for him in the primary and will do so in November too. Maybe I will remind CA voters in my weekly soapbox. :)

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