Sunday, August 8, 2010

A little Blue Pill for Me, No Job for Thee

The teacher's union of Milwaukee is reaching a new low; and it is not easy for teacher's union to reach new lows.  The union has filed a sex discrimination case in order to get the district to start covering Viagra again.  That's right, they want to make sure that male teachers are getting some. 

The district is in a financial crisis so bad that they have already laid off 400 teachers and may well need to lay off some more.  The Viagra coverage will cost close to a million dollars per year.  A million dollars that could easily be used to keep teachers employed.  But, no they want their erectile dysfunction pills more.  I am no doctor, but I have never heard of Viagra being used for anything other than sexual recreation purposes. 

The suit claims that since they cover estrogen replacement therapy for women it is discriminatory.  Ok, not to get too graphic here, but I went through menopause early due to my ovarian cancer.  I would like to see a man going through night sweats and hot flashes then tell me that ERT is about having sex.  It is not, the therapy does have some additional benefits that could potentially help a woman in the sexual department, that is not why woman take ERT.  The problem is worsened by the fact that insurance does cover penile implants and pumps.  So, men can still find ways to scratch their itch without increasing the costs to the district. 

This is one of the most ridiculous things that I have ever heard of.  Our country is basically bankrupt and the unions are worrying about Viagra?  They can still get off if they so chose, they can pay for it themselves.  Unions just continue to ask for more and more and are never willing to give up anything.  This is playing out in state after state.  New Jersey asked the unions to forgo a wage increase and pay 3% towards their health benefits and they refused.  States are drowning in red ink and the teachers think they should have to make no sacrifice whatsoever. 

If our country is going to get back into a steady footing where are debt is concerned, everyone will have to give up something.  I, for one, will pay a higher tax rate as long as spending cuts are put into place.  As Americans we need to be together in this.  All of us must give a little to get something for the future generations.  It is just that simple. 

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