Thursday, August 5, 2010

Levi, Levi, Levi

Bristol Palin and Levi are broken up yet again.  Lets hope for the sake of everyone it is for good this time.  For reasons that I can't comprehend they have decided to play this out in public again. 

Bristol spoke to People Magazine and tearfully explained Levi's indiscretions that led to this.  Apparently Levi has fathered another child out of wedlock, although that has yet to be confirmed.  Levi is also still associating himself with the Palin Bashing section of the world.  It seems he has yet to get over his own twisted version of Palin Derangement Syndrome (P.D.S). 

The real question in my mind is where are the mature adults in this boy's life?  Doesn't this boy understand how his actions are going to affect his relationship with his first born son?  Age wise he may be a man, but as far as maturity levels, he has a long long way to go. 

He is making money off hurting Tripp's grandma, whom Tripp has lived with, so he must have a very strong bond to.  Obviously he has yet to master the fine art of condom usage.  Being female, I could be wrong here, but it doesn't seem that difficult.  He also has broken Tripp's mommy's heart very publicly yet again.  Where o where is the common sense that God gave this man/boy?  From the sounds of it, his mother is no prize, but isn't there anyone else to take him by the hand and guide? 

I sincerely hope that even the P.D.S. laden media sees exactly what an opportunist and liar this man/boy is, and no longer will contribute to his own demise and the destruction of his relationship with his beautiful baby boy.  One last note to Bristol, if you take him back again, you deserve whatever heartbreak that will come your way.

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