Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Charlie Rangel's Long and Disjointed Statement on His Ethics Violations Charges

This is very long, but you will find it stunning.  Some highlights:

His district doesn't care what he does, they will re-elect him anyway.

He goes after the bluedogs that he at one time went and campaigned for.

He honestly doesn't understand why people are questioning his ethics, he claims that the landlord knew that he was using a rent controlled apartment for an election office.  He further claims that the landlord was having problems finding people to rent the apartment.  I wonder if all the people in Harlem would agree with that? 


LL said...

I listened to Rep. Rangle real time and will suggest that he made one valid point: Justice delayed is justice denied. The Ethics Committee been percolating this for two years. I suspect that he could have been charged and had his day in the court of public opinion some time ago.

However, it was a rambling speech.

Just a conservative girl said...

True enough, but his buddies are responsible for that.

I watched most of it real time as well. I was stunned at some of what he said. He really just doesn't get it.

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