Monday, August 30, 2010

Beck's Favorite Photos of the Restore Honor Rally

Ms. King asked Beck to pray with her.  I was very happy to hear that her and her cousin Martin were on the same plane back to Atlanta and sat with each other and spoke.  I am glad to hear her choices are not affecting her family life, since Martin spoke at the rally with Sharpton.

Apparently Sarah Prayed on her own before the rally for about 30 minutes

Here is one of the reasons that it will be impossible to get an accurate count, we were packed this densely under the trees as well.  I was sitting before this picture on the right. 
I had wondered why Beck looked much thinner, he was wearing a bullet proof vest that day at the request of his wife.  He normally has a belly sticking out. 

This was during my favorite part of the day.  The playing of Amazing Grace on  the bag pipes

I couldn't see the screen from where I was sitting, so I am seeing this for the first time. 


Teresa said...

Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos.

LL said...

I wish I had the opportunity to have been there. Life got in the way. (and 3,000 miles)

These are gatherings that our grandchildren will talk about.

Just a conservative girl said...

Well, LL, if you do make it one day, you can stay with me. I have plenty of room.

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