Saturday, August 7, 2010

Liberal Logic - Rosie O'Donnell Edition

Rosie O'Donnell admits that her marriage to longtime girlfriend Kelli Carpenter was nothing more than a publicity stunt done in "anger".  Rosie seems to remember an all channel news conference by President Bush that never happened.  He did make a statement that day, but it was not covered by every channel.  In that statement he talked about his long held belief that marriage is between one man and one woman, and talked about the Defense of Marriage Act (that was signed by President Clinton). 

President Bush's view on marriage is very well known.  What is probably less known is that it is the same position that  President Obama has publicly stated.  Marriage is to remain between one man and one woman, and that legal unions can be made to protect the same sex partners and give them the same benefits that heterosexual couples receive. 

But Rosie hears something totally different.  Her version of the statement is:

George Bush, in the middle of a war, had an all-station news conference to announce how horrible it was for the safety of America that gay people were getting married in San Francisco, which pissed me off enough to get on a plane and go get married.

I wonder if anyone will watch her on her recently announced return to television?  The woman runs out to San Francisco to get married simply to piss off President Bush.  I am sure the Bush missed a few nights of sleep over it.  Why would anyone take seriously someone who looks at something as solemn as marriage as some sort of act of vengeance?  Then she makes matters worse by admitting it, they have children.  Why would she want her children to hear this? 

H/T to The Other McCain and Newsbusters


Kristin said...

Great reason to get married....

I believe that God intends marriage to be between a man and a woman. So long as the government recognizes any marriages, marriage should be defined as a union between one man and one woman.

hometown guy said...

I don't believe there's any constitutional reason for the government to recognize marriages only through a religious filter, if it's going to recognize them at all. if that was too subtle for you, I'm fine with gay marriage.
But R.O'D. sucks, i will agree with you there.

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