Thursday, August 12, 2010

No Press Requested - President and Mrs. Bush Greet Troops at Homecoming

President Bush has continued his full support of our troops.  When he was President, he and Laura would go and visit wounded troops at Walter Reed without any press.  He did this because he didn't want to politicize the suffering of our troops and our families.  He is continuing that tradition even though he has been out of office for almost two years.  Yesterday he and Laura showed up DFW airport to say thank you to troops who have just recently came home from deployment from both Iraq and Afghanistan. 

There are many things about President Bush that I didn't like, but he always showed class.

H/T Joel on Facebook

Additional Photos

Look at that beautiful baby!!


Mom2mykids said...

I've found as time has gone by that I realize I didn't always agree with President Bush's politics, even though we're both Republicans. One thing I have always agreed with though, is that he's a class act and so is Laura Bush. They genuinely love this country, the troops, veterans, and those who've served and/or died in any capacity. I hope that history takes a more fair-minded view of President Bush than the media has. (And I'm sure it will, eventually. I'm just not holding my breath LOL.)

Anonymous said...

People can say what they want but the way I see it George W. Bush will go down in history as one of the best Presidents ever!

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