Thursday, August 12, 2010

Is This the Best You Got? The Latest Anti-Tea Party Movement UPDATES

The Agenda Project is not exactly pro tea party people.  I am sure that they use the lefts affectionate name of "Tea Baggers".  I starting reading their web page and at first glance you would think that they have things in common with the tea party.  They are promoting America's success.  But the message starts to become very messy:

Since the 1964 Goldwater defeat, radical conservatives have built a set of ideologically-aligned institutions—academic centers, think tanks, legal advocacy institutions, watchdog groups, single issue groups, community organizations, and media vehicles – to change the intellectual and political climate of the country and to advance far right-wing political power. These institutions – and the politicians and media voices who share their values – work together to promote their common goals and shape the country to their collective vision.
But herein lies the rub:
Build an intellectual and communications ‘infrastructure’ – an ecosystem of connected organizations – think tanks, legal advocacy groups, leadership development efforts, media outlets and civic participation vehicles – to develop and advance good ideas.

Increase political power at all levels of government.

Implement effective policies that demonstrate our core values.

Is it just me or do they say primarily the exact same things?  What they are really saying "Conservative bad, Progressive good". 
They have also started a money raising campaign by selling mugs and T-shirts:

This is for the babies in your life.  Lovely.  I really would like to meet the person who would put that t shirt on their baby. 

A new poll came out:
76 Percent Say Time for Obama to Take Responsibility
Nearly two-thirds of voters (63 percent) believe government has gotten so big it is hurting the future of the country. About half as many do not (32 percent)
Some 30 percent of voters say the country is better off today than before President Obama was elected, while 38 percent say the country is worse off. Another 30 percent say there is not much of a difference.
Selling mugs will not help these lackluster results.  I have this feeling this won't go over any better than The Coffee Party or The Other 95%
The have some "facts" about Tea Party members:

UPDATES - Smitty over at The Other McCain stumbled upon the website as well.  He thinks he has figured out the ten commandments for the progressives; actually due to inflation it has grown to 17. 


The Conservative Lady said...

Thanks for the info. That was really nice of you and I certainly appreciate it. I don't know if I'll be able to meet up with you because we are coming in with 2 other couples on Friday evening and leaving right after the rally on 8/28. Doesn't leave much time for anything else. I'll keep your info with me and if there is time, I'll give you a call. Thanks again, and I'm not one bit worried that you'd spill the beans on my "secret" identity. Have a great weekend.

The Conservative Lady said...

Oh, forgot to mention. That cup and tee shirt just goes to show the mentality of this group of progressives. Numb skulls.

Opus #6 said...

I suspect there will be more swearing by progressives before we're through with them. This makes me smile. :-D

Soloman said...

Sadly, I can honestly say I've known people who would put such a shirt on a baby. Pathetic, isn't it?

Isn't it funny, though... put the same sentiment on a coffee cup, replace "Tea" with "Obama," and suddenly you're a RAAAAACIST!

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