Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Oval Office Address to the Nation Drinking Game

This is listed on a Northern Virginia Politics blog in the comment section.  I thought to this was too funny and worth sharing:

Rules for the Oval Office Speech Drinking Game

1. Every time Obama says, “let me be clear,” take a small sip. Unless he actually is clear, then take a gulp.

2. Every time Obama makes a reference to “mistakes made over the previous eight years” take a sip.

3. Every time Obama says “jobs,” take a very small sip, even though this speech isn’t supposed to be about the economy.

4. Every time Obama says “Secretary Gates” and “total credit” or “success” in the same sentence, take a large gulp.

5. Every time Obama says “Democratic leadership in the Congress,” the first person in the room who can stop laughing gets to take a drink.

Of course if you actually tried this, I have this feeling you would be very drunk before it ended!!


Linda said...

That means we would have to actually listen to it!

Bob Qat said...

Odd. Drinking became a lot more popular during the last "liberal" assault on America -- the Great Depression. Breweries were the one business which grew in profitability during the 1930s. The rules of this game may be older than anyone knew.


Amusing Bunni said...

I have watched and live tweeted many of his other speeches, but I can't torture myself tonight.
If we play this game w/real booze, we'll pass out in 10 minutes.

Just a conservative girl said...

You are too right. I would be passed out drunk and unable to get out bed tomorrow if I followed these rules. I can't drink that much anymore. I am a lightlight now that I am old.

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