Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hey Liberals - Is Pam Geller Really a Paranoid Bigot?

This is will scare some and maybe open the eyes of some others.  I am sure this is not what Christiane Amanpour was expecting.  While there were Muslims not agreeing with him, the question becomes how do know which outnumbers the other? 


LL said...

Koranic principles are not compatible with Constitutional principles.

End of story.

Just a conservative girl said...

I agree. I don't understand why devout Muslims want to live here, they can't practice Sharia in this country as written.

Ronald Williams said...

not yet, anyway

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry...I just can't agree with such a hard line interpretation. I believe that, as the panelists debated, there are different interpretations of Islam as there are of Christianity. Catholics, protestants, baptists, mormons, etc, are all Christians, but they all practice their faith differently and have some different beliefs amongst them. I think the same could probably be said of Islam: there ARE different interpretations of the religion by different factions within the religion. However...with saying that...there IS a major difference between the two religions in that Christianity does not call for the militant conquest and subjugation of the world under Christianity. Should we fear Islam in general? No. Should we fear extremist, militant, jihadist followers of Islam? Absolutely!

I also am against building the mosque at Ground Zero. It is, in some ways (I personally believe), a sacrilege to what happened in that location. And if the Imam had ANY inkling of sympathy in his heart...and truly wanted to build a cultural bridge...then he would LISTEN to the millions of people (who outnumber those for it) who are against his project and work to build that "cultural bridge" by moving the structure somewhere else. People aren't saying "don't build it"...those against it are just saying "don't build it THERE".

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