Sunday, October 3, 2010

Conservative Girl Adventure - Spending Revolt Townhall

Tonight I was invited to attend a townhall given by Spending Revolt.  They are touring around the country holding townhall's on the subject of the out of control spending. 

The event was held at a private home in Clifton, VA.  We were joined by our local delegates and county legislators.  We were also joined by Jane Hampton Cook; she used to work for President Bush and is now an author working on historical novels.  Her next novel will be on President Reagan. 

 You may recognize Tito "The Builder"  He gave a rip roaring speech at the 9/12 March. 

We did hear some very disturbing news during the Q&A.  They are in the process of extending out the metro system to Dulles Airport.  This has been a construction project that has been in some form or another in the works since I moved down here 15 years ago.  The federal government has gotten involved with it as well due in part to Congressman Moron Moran.  So the red tape and the costs have increased in leaps and bounds.  There is a toll road that runs along this area.  When I first moved down here the toll was supposed to go away once the road was paid for.  Again, that was 15 years ago and not only is there still a toll it has increased many times over the years.  This area has grown in leaps and bounds due to the technology corridor.  This area of Virginia has basically taken over as the technology area of the country since the bubble burst in Silicon Valley.  If the project keeps going on the path that it is now headed these tolls will reach $8 each way.  Who wants to pay $16 per day in tolls?  Since the federal government has gotten involved the costs for this project have increased by more than 30%.  So, I think that my congressman should stay out of it and let Virginia pay for it itself, it will be cheaper and faster.  Did I mention that they have been working on this project for 15 years? 


Opus #6 said...

$16 per day? I call that highway robbery. Good luck getting that straightened out. This Spending Revolt group sounds like a good place to start.

Just a conservative girl said...

Luckily I don't go to that area ever. So it doesn't affect me first hand. But if those businesses go away it will affect the entire state.

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