Saturday, October 2, 2010

8/28 Crowd V. 10/2 Crowd See for yourself.

I had a few readers and facebook friends that requested that I go down to the One Nation Rally today in DC.  To be honest I really didn't want to, but decided I needed to see for myself and not depend on other people or biased news reports. 

I did get there late, maybe an hour or so.  I also took the train in instead of driving like I did with Beck.  There is no metro station close by to the Lincoln Memorial so I had a bit of a walk.  As I got closer to the memorial Trumpka was being introduced.  He told the crowd that they had arial pictures that will prove that the crowd was larger than the Beck rally. 

Now, I got to the Beck rally about 4 hours before it started and I arrived at this one about an hour late.  I sat in almost exactly the same place. 
Beck Rally:

 One Nation Rally


Soloman said...

They're all excited over at HuffPo today.. claims of elebenty-million people are all over their comments section.

I know the images they showed on the cables and on CSPAN, taken from the Lincoln Memorial, make the crowd look large, but your pictures show the truth. That's where you really judge a crowd - from the outskirts.

I look at your pictures and I have trouble believing they are taken from the same location.

I hope someone does "after" shots like the ones we saw from Obama's inauguration, with trash all over the place.

Just a conservative girl said...

Oh, Sol I have those too.

Anonymous said...

This is interesting. I would like to see those after shots

Janie Lynn said...

Glenn got his crowd all by himself. This march took over 400 groups to get anywhere near the same sized crowd.

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