Wednesday, September 29, 2010

October Surprise a Few Days Early - Whitman Being Hit with Charges of Hiring Illegals

Gloria Allred, publicity whore and attorney has lodged charges against Meg Whitman; republican candidate for governor of California.  The charges are that Whitman knowingly employed an illegal alien and that this woman was mistreated and underpaid:

Allred said that during Diaz's years of employment, Whitman caused her "to feel exploited, disrespected, humiliated and emotionally and financially abused."

Yet, Nicki Diaz worked for the Whitman's for 9 years.  If she felt all these things why did she continue to work for her?  On her employment application she gave plenty of other references, so she didn't seem to have a problem finding work.  She also was being paid $23 per hour.  Hardly a sum that I would say is putting her in a position to feel financially abused. 

The problem is that Whitman has copies of her employment application that contains not only a valid drivers license it also has a copy of a social security card with the maid's name on it.  A social security number that is obviously falsified.  Ms. Diaz received the job through an employment agency as well.  One would logically think that the employment agency would be responsible in part for checking for the legal status of the people it sends out for employment. 

Allred is known as a democratic supporter and is on record for giving money to Jerry Brown, the democratic candidate for governor.  Allred is nothing more than cheap opportunist that has a bizarre view of the world.  She is the attorney for two of Tiger's mistresses, one of which is now trying to sell a sex tape of the two of them. 

I truly feel sorry for Ms. Diaz in the respect that it seems very odd indeed that she comes out with these accuastions less than six weeks before the election.  Her employment was terminated more than 14 months ago, in June of 09.  She is being used by someone who is afraid that Brown will lose the campaign.  I also feel sorry for her that doesn't realize that she has admitted to a felony by coming forward; she falsified a social security number.  She has put herself into a position that she can be jailed and/or deported.  Of course, this is California we are talking about, so it is unlikely anything will come of it.  As I am sure that Allred explained to her.  So much for upholding the law, Gloria. 

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