Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Congressional Black Caucus Shows it Hypocrisy Once Again UPDATE: West's Reponse

The Congressional Black Caucus, in all of it's infinite wisdom, has decided to throw it's support behind Ron Klein over Allen West in the Florida 22 congressional race.  In case you are not aware, Klein is white and West is black.  Civil Rights activist and Icon John Lewis will also be campaigning for Klein.

I think that the time has come that we start calling organizations what they really are.  The Congressional Black Caucus should rightly be renamed the Congressional Black Liberals.  The members have repeatedly have shown nothing but contempt for conservatives who happen to be black.  I think we all remember the comment made by Eleanor Norton Holmes on Justice Thomas:

"We’ve got someone who proposes to be African-American on the court"

Has this woman ever seen Justice Thomas?  I don't think there can any doubt if he is black or not, as his skin tone is very dark. 

For the CBC to say that one of the purposes of the caucus is to promote more black legislators in the process and then to go and campaign for a white candidate over a black one is simply stunning to me.  The percentage of black voters in this particular district is about 5% and the district is pretty evenly divided politically.  The 5% of blacks could be what makes the difference in this very close election, but West in now up in the polls.   I am sure this what CBC is counting on.   

Somehow, I don't think that Allen West will be all that disappointed not to get an invitation to join the caucus once he kicks Klein to the curb. 

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Here is West's response.

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The Classical Liberal said...

I wonder if they support Ryan Frazier (CO-7) or Bill Randall (NC-13) or Tim Scott (SC-1).

It really shows them to be liars. They want black socialists to be elected sure, but in a choice between a black man who's not a socialist and a white man who is -- they'll go with the socialist / "more progressive" candidate every time.

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