Saturday, September 25, 2010

Is John Kerry Really Wrong?

We have an electorate that doesn’t always pay that much attention to what’s going on so people are influenced by a simple slogan rather than the facts or the truth or what’s happening
Senator John Kerry

There has been much ado around the blogosphere that John Kerry is calling voters stupid.  I am sure that he would characterize as ignorant more than stupid.  But is he really all that wrong? 

Remember this young woman?

She certainly felt for the slogan "Hope and Change" didn't she? 

According to the polls in the Nevada senate seat there are approx. 13% undecided. 

Now it is very possible that people don't want to tell someone on the phone who they are voting for, but that is a pretty high number.  There is a clear difference between the two candidates.  One is for ever increasing the size and scope of government and the other is for limiting it.  You either believe in limited government or big government.  This election, no matter the race, is about that.  This may not be true in every election, but it certainly is in this one. 

So if you can't even decide if you are for big government or small government than you truly are not well informed and you probably do decide at the last minute based more on headlines and soundbites than by doing your due diligence and really looking into the big issues of the day. 

C'mon admit it, you all know someone that falls into this category.  In my case I am related to these people.  My brother has never voted in his life, he couldn't tell you what his representatives believe in, let alone what their names are.  I actually applaud the fact that he doesn't vote, because it is a danger to the country if someone who is completely uniformed votes.  But, sadly, people who don't have any idea of what the world view of the candidates are show up at the polls and place a vote that the rest of us are stuck with for however long that person is in office. 

The one positive thing that has come about in the past several years is the fact that people are much more informed.  Even critics of the tea party have admitted that they are informed of the issues and the policies that are being debated in Congress. 

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