Monday, September 13, 2010

Read The Constitution Day

This Saturday is Read the Constitution Day.  The goal is get people together to read the entire Constitution out loud.  The entire reading should take about an hour, when including the preamble and all the amendments. 

There will be events held all over the country, some in private homes and others out in the public square. 

We have not quite figured out where we will be holding ours, but we will be out on Saturday.

My personal belief is that if we don't understand what our rights are, we won't realize that they are being taken away by a government that has more power than ever intended by the framers. 

I sometimes read this blog by a Constitutional Attorney.  I would say that he is left of center.  The people who comment on his blog are much more to the left than he appears to be.  They don't like it when he takes a more "conservative" approach to a certain topic.  From what I can gather most of the people who regulary comment also believe that our rights are being usurped, especially by an executive branch that has become way too powerful and the Congress is aiding in increasing that power.  So, there is hope that we can get our country back to the principles on which is founded on. 

If you want to find a location near you, go here.  If you don't find one, invite your neighbors, it could be fun. 

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