Thursday, September 23, 2010

What Game is Planned Parenthood Playing?

Gov. Christie, who is a social moderate, cut state tax payer funding to planned parenthood.  The legislature was unable to over-ride his veto of the funding.  The majority of this money went to pay for abortions.  This is just another in long line of choices that Christie is making to get New Jersey's budget under control.  A budget that is in dire need of control.  Abortions will be not only still be legal they will also still be accessible in the state.  A small comfort to the pro life crowd I am sure. 

I have mentioned on several occassions that I have a background in direct mail fundraising.  I worked in that field for more than a decade.  At one point, I actually took a job at a progressive agency wrongly thinking that I could put my own beliefs aside, put my head down and do my job.  It didn't go well.  President Bush was in office at the time, and I heard non stop Bush bashing.  One of the things that I did make sure of before starting was that I wouldn't raise money for abortions or for democratic candidates. 

I can tell you with 100% certainty that Planned Parenthood raises boatloads of money.  On a monthly basis they mail out more than 1 million pieces of mail; some of which are to monthly donors.  The monthly donations range from anywhere to $3 to over hundred.  The individual mailings make large profits every month.  They wouldn't mail those amounts out if they did not.  Direct mail fundraising is now a science.  The lists are so directed that you are rarely, if ever, mailing to someone who doesn't fit into a demographic that would normally support your cause.  Whatever that cause may be.  Of course sometimes people will fall into a mailing list that they don't belong in, but it happens much less than you would imagine. 

Planned Parenthood and organizations like it are set up like a big corporation.  It has one main group that oversees the smaller organizations underneath it.  In the case of PP it is states groupts that fall underneath the main non profit organization.  It is the main group that sends out the bulk of the mailing that I personally am familiar with. 

This organization raises very large sums of money.  It also gets money from the federal government.  So, why would an abortion clinic be closing when the funding just got cut three days ago?  This makes no sense whatsoever that it would need to be closed this quickly. 

The most likely scencerio is that Planned Parenthood is using this to not only raise more money, but to activate the pro-abortion crowd out to the polls.  We are 40 days away from the elections.  This closing has much more to do with politics than it has to do with money.  Therefore, one must ask the obvious question, does Planned Parenthood care more about politics and money than it does about woman's health? 

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Linda said...

Of course! A woman's health was never on their agenda!

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