Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fred Thompson's Tweets of Interest

Gitmo detainees have ice cream cut back to 1 serving per day. Gotta be worried. What if they mess w/ "steak & lobster" night? #ftrs #tcot

Obama won in 2008 because of a bad economy, then he made it even worse with his liberal agenda: http://bit.ly/bgzAF4 #ftrs #tcot

Chrysler fires 13 workers filmed drinking beer & smoking pot. Well, they can always get jobs working for Obama's Drug Czar. #ftrs #tcot

About Colbert's testimony... do you think they had a two drink minimum on the Hill that day, or did they not bother lowering it? #ftrs #tcot

Gov't to spend $1.7M for new fence around Biden's house. Not for security - to keep people from leaving during his speeches. #ftrs #tcot

Government-owned GM making election campaign contributions. Lists spending on balance sheets as cost of "developing new airbags"

Saw headline on Drudge: "Man arrested for scuffle - with pet parrot". My first thought: "why's Harry Reid mad at Chris Coons?"

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