Friday, September 10, 2010

Quote of the Day - Patti Davis Edition

If she thinks that liberals are disappointed, how does she think the rest of the country feels? 

Several of us were sitting around over the holiday weekend, enjoying a lovely bottle of wine at sunset ... and discussing the condition of our country. Which led us to the president. Which led us to our mutually shared disappointment in him.

We are all liberals, we all supported Obama, and we all remember how emotionally uplifted and hopeful we felt when he was elected.

“But he was a brilliant orator,” another friend offered. “He went right for the heart, and he did it so well.”

Yes, but now ...

We all agreed that we felt betrayed. We’d expected so much; we’d believed greatness was ahead of us, leading us, guiding us into the future. Maybe we did fall in love too fast, and the person we thought was a godsend didn’t stay for breakfast and never called again.

Patti Davis - President Reagan's Daughter
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1 comment:

Matt said...

It's funny when the libs get a dose of reality. They had expectations, they felt special, and they found out that in reality, being part of the collective means that they are nothing.

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