Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Communists Are Coming, The Communists Are Coming....

On Saturday there will be the left's answer to Glenn Beck's Restore Honor Rally.  Oh, looking at the list of "sponsors" was eye opening. 

It was not all that long ago I was talking to several people who not only voted for President Obama, but actually think he is doing a good job. One of which grew up in Africa where the government has basically total control of your lives.  He refuses to see that there are forces in this country that would like nothing better than to turn the U.S. into another one of those countries.  What is truly scary to me that I don't think President Obama sees them either.  He doesn't see that he is merely a puppet of those forces. 

What  I would like to know is why is the NAACP is working so closely with GLSEN?  The black community regardless of how they may vote are pretty generally social conservatives.  I am not too sure that they would be all that jazzed to find out the NAACP is closely working with an organization that sole purpose it to push sexually explicit information on the acceptability of homosexuality starting with children as young as kindergarten.  Remember the fisting demonstrations done for teenagers?  That was sponsored by this group. 

The Communist Party USA is also a sponsor!  What is it supposed to say when a former candidate for the presidency in the democratic party is working this closely with communists?  The squishy middle and the people who have their heads in the sand need to wake up and ask themselves these questions. 

We live in democratic republic, people are allowed to their views and are allowed to express them.  But, the issue is how long are going allow them to push this country into their vision?  A vision that has nothing to do with the founding documents of this country.  Here is a good example of what I am talking about:

What Van Jones doesn't understand I have no desire to "run his family" or "run his community".  I want limited government that doesn't run anyone's family.  I am not the one that is trying to tell people what to put their thermostats on.  If they want their a/c turned down to 60 in the middle of summer, have it at.  As long as I don't have to pay the bill it is none of my concern.  I also am not the one that doesn't think that this country is running out of money.  Jones' said that Haliburtion has plenty of money.  Maybe they do, but it doesn't belong to me nor to the US treasury.  I don't want the government telling me what food to eat, what doctor I can go to, or what choices are put into vending machines.  San Francisco is working towards closing pet shops because people decide not to keep hamsters after buying them.  I agree if you get a pet you should be responsible for it, but why are they punishing everyone?  There are plenty of responsible pet owners; even in San Francisco.  If a business can make boatloads of money for themselves and their stockholders, more power to them.  As long as they are doing it honestly and legally, again it is not my business.  Nor, do I think that they owe me some of that money. 

There is a part of me that longs for the days that I thought communists only existed in the Soviet Union, and socialism in the guise of government totalitarianism was a thing of the past. 

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