Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Florida Democratic Party Apologizes to Allen West - Well Sort Of

“After making every effort to remove all of Allen West’s private information, unlike West who refuses to apologize to Florida’s taxpayers for not paying his taxes and his bills, we apologize for the oversight of not redacting this information from the public record included in the mailer. To end, while this mail piece does not explicitly identify any Social Security number, in order to stop the crazy West accusations, we will pay for identify theft monitoring for the next two years.”

This is the "apology" that the Florida Democratic Party has released after it became public knowledge that they sent out a mailer that contained his social security number. 

The state of Florida has the second highest incidents of identity theft in the country, so somehow I think paying for the monitoring for two years isn't really the issue.  The number is already out there and I could be wrong here, but I don't think that you can change your social security number, so he will need monitoring for the rest of his life.  Also, having the monitoring doesn't help with the hassle that you have to go through.  In some instances you can't write checks even if the money to cover them is in the account.  Applying for credit cards and loans become more difficult.  This is a huge inconvenience for this family. 

Seriously, they didn't know that ID number and Social Security number were the same thing?  Yeah, I believe that. 

H/T The Other McCain

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