Saturday, September 11, 2010

More Bad News for Eddie Bernice Johnson

Congresswoman Johnson's excuses explanations are just not adding up.  She has repeately told the press that she had no personal involvement in the scholarships that was given to members of her family and her staff's family.  Documents have surfaced with her signature on them that clearly show that simply isn't the case. 

The rules of almost all scholarships is that the money goes directly to the school, not to the student.  But not in the cases of her grandchildren.  She personally sent a letter asking that the money be sent to her grandson's and grand nephews.  The letters are also dated stamped from her Dallas office fax machine. 

"I work pretty hard. We have a lot to do. And it really has not gotten all of my attention, I regret to say. It's a minor part of what we do on a daily basis," she said, adding that "I have not dwelled on trying to figure out a way to give my grandchildren $1,000 a year. ... I have a lot of things to do."
Basically she is saying she is so busy that she doesn't pay attention to pesky little details like scholarship money, but the letters show that simply isn't the case. 

This is just one more case of public officials thinking that they are indeed above the law.  Our government officials treat the average American hard-earned tax dollars as a personal ATM.  This is a woman that makes 175K per year.  She couldn't afford to help out her grandchildren go to college? 

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Her opponent in the upcoming election is none other than the Ten Bucks Friday Winner Stephen Broden

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Z said...

Where have I BEEN? I didn't realize Broden (my hero) is her opponent..hurrah!
How can anybody for a SECOND thing she can give money to relatives? It's absolutely STUPID! Think anybody will believe her?
I hope the voters don't!

Just a conservative girl said...

He has a long row to hoe. Her district is strongly for the dems. Although this is getting quite a bit of media attention, people may just wise up.

There is also a letter that was written to someone who lives in her district that is pretty damning, it never mentions the scholarship fund, and that letter was the same year her grandson got the money. Who by the way, doesn't live in her district. Another violation of the rules.

Matt said...

The corruption, and an incredible Conservative candidate might shake some things up down there.

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