Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Is Jesse Jackson Jr. A Race Traitor Too?

Apparently Jesse Jr. had an affair with a restaurant hostess.  Congressmen having affairs is nothing new, and not all that shocking really.  But, this woman happens to be white and Jesse Jr., as you may know, is not.  Apparently, his wife is aware of the situation and ultimately it is between the two of them. 

I am not one to say one word about these types of relationships.  Love is love, if you skin tones happen to differ, so what.  It isn't anyone else's business as far as I am concerned.  But, sadly, I do know that there are plenty of people who don't agree with that. 

Many months back I did post on some comments that I read on a blog about a statement made by Eleanor Norton Holmes about Justice Thomas.  Her implication was that he was not "black" enough for her tastes. The comments made by liberals went off about Justice Thomas' wife Ginni, who happens to be white.  They were none to thrilled about this.  The usual slurs were used.  "Oreo", "Uncle Tom", "Traitor" and on it went. 

So is this true as well for Jesse Jr.?  Because logically it should be, right?  Just Askin'. 


smitty1e said...

It's only bad if you're conservative.

LL said...

Liberals can behave anyway they want to because by nature they aren't bigots, racists, islamaphobes, etc.

Linda said...

I don't understand the adultery in our country. What has happened to the marriage vows? If they can't keep those, how can they run our country? Of course, we all know, they ALL lie to all of us. What a SHAME!

Debbie said...

In politics, nothing is just between the husband and wife. As to the Black and White or mixed relationships, I read an article about Black women who were really angry that Black men would choose White women over them so often. I used to think a mixed relationship would make it very difficult on the children, but these days there has been so much race mixing, you can't always determine the true race or mixture of some people.
Even our president is mixed race. I think it is hard enough to stay married even when all things are equal, race, religion, education, etc. Makes it even harder to stay together when you have all those differences.

Just a conservative girl said...

If you really love each other, you just deal with it. Ultimately in a marriage it is two people. You can't allow all the outside issues to come between you.

Inter-racial marriages are so common place now that are more widely accepted than years ago. But I will say that Black women in general don't like it when a black man is with a white woman. I have been told that so many black men have personal issues; drugs, crime, and the like, that when a good one marries a white woman, it is just one less for them to choose from. Which I kind of understand.

What I meant by it being between he and his wife is that it is up to her how she handles it. Although, now that it is public, it may be more difficult. She has known for two years from the reports I have read.

hometown guy said...

it wasn't right to say about justice Thomas and it's not right to say about Jackson Jr. and it's not right to suggest that it could be said, about anyone, no matter who has said what in the past.

Just a conservative girl said...

Well then Guy, you need to tell the liberals that. Because these statements come from your side of the aisle not mine. Now, I am not talking about out and out racists, but the general population that doesn't consider themselves racist makes comments like this all the time. Especially if you happen to be a conservative.

It has already begun. A Chicago columnist has ripped him apart, not for the affair mind you, but for it being a white woman. From her statements it seems like the adultry wouldn't be a problem if he chosen a black woman. Which says a great deal about that woman and her lack of ethics. Yet, she has the nerve to write about his. Sheer hypocrisy and liberal logic in action.

Malcolm said...

You posed an interesting question. Although the fact that he was married to a white woman did play a part, I think that Justice Thomas was deemed a race traitor more for his politics than his choice of a mate. You mentioned that a Chicago columnist ripped Jesse Jackson Jr. apart. Do you have her name or the link to the article? I'd like to read it.

Just a conservative girl said...

In the particular comment thread that I am referring to was about his wife. I had made the argument at the time that had they wanted to say something about the way he judged cases than that is fair game to critique and or critize. But his personal life and his choice of spouse should be left out of it. BTW - The entire point of the civil rights movement was that you could be free to be who are and judged by that, if black people can't see that calling any black conservative a race traitor sets back that entire movement. I was given a lecture on how I didn't understand the history nor did I revere the inter-racial couple that went to court to have their marriage recognized. I told them that they didn't go through all that so that liberals could call them traitors 50 years later.

Here is the quote.

[W]hat I find preposterous is Jackson’s characterization of the blond and comely Giovana Huidobro as a “social acquaintance.”
Really? Is that what they call women who hook up with another woman’s husband these days? . . .
While Jackson is hiding behind a privacy veil, his mess has put black women, particularly, in an awkward position.
Once again, a high-profile, married black professional has been caught dallying with a white woman he plucked from the ranks of restaurant hostesses.
But God forbid if a black woman points out Jackson’s choice of Huidobro mimics Tiger Woods’ preference for women of the same ilk — she’d be the racist. . . .

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