Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Maddow on Christine O'Donnell and her Anti-Masturbation Campaign

In my opinion, there was no good choice in the Delaware Senate Primary.  But, O'Donnell has won the nomination and Cap and Tax supporter Mike Castle's long over due pink slip has been delivered.  But, these below videos are going to give MSNBC a great deal of fodder over the next 45 days. 


RightKlik said...

I suspect Dems will have as much success with this as they had with Scott Brown's "Cosmo scandal." They portrayed Brown as a slut and now Christine is a prude. Americans are more concerned about jobs and the economy.

I suppose we shouldn't be surprised that the smears didn't work in Delaware. Delawareans have a high threshold for gaffes and scandals. They re-elected Joe Biden 6 times.

RightKlik said...

BTW, how do the Dems really capitalize on this? "You've gotta fight for your right to masturbate!"?

Just a conservative girl said...

This isn't what distrubs me. This is just something for the Maddow's of the world. What I am distrubed by is her financial history, how she is not answered how she is making her living, and what her former staff is saying about how she is using her campaign money.

Also, have you ever noticed that you can get away with being a slut much easier than you can being a prude? Just sayin'

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