Saturday, September 18, 2010

Conservative Girl Adventures - I Read the Constitution Day

The Alexandria Tea Party got together today and read the constitution at city hall.  There is a little stage that overlooks a courtyard with a fountain.  It is a very lovely little area.  Old Town Alexandria also has a great deal of significance to the founding of our country.  There are restaurants that are still in existence that George Washington ate at.  Some of the streets are still cobble stoned. 

It was a beautiful day, quite warm  without all the humidity that can be very stifling in the greater DC area. 
We had a large flag that held up and recited the preamble, the constitution and all 27 amendments. 

Most people stopped and listened briefly and then went about their day.  But we did get two new members in our tea party.  They had told us that they didn't know where to find a local group to join and happened to be out for a walk and came upon us. So that is great news.  We gave out about 75 pocket sized constitutions and many more flyer's on the principles of the tea party movement.

I did have a run in with one very rude man.  But considering this is a progressive stronghold, that was pretty good.  I asked him if he wanted a copy of the constitution and his reply:

Are you kidding me?  What do you people know about the constitution?  You have never even read it. 
Just like a liberal, ignoring the obvious.  We were standing on the stage with a microphone in the middle of reading it, but no we have never read it.  Jackass. 

Sadly, I ran out of the house without my camera so I have no photos.  Although, there was a video taken, and when that gets uploaded, I will share. 

I hope that you tried to attend some sort of event yesterday or today.  Americans won't know that they are losing their rights, if they don't know what they are.

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