Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Townhall Plant - But Which Side Planted Her?

The video of the "exhausted" woman at the President's town hall has made it's way around the blogosphere.  The talk is that she was a plant.  Some conservatives are saying she was planted to make the president look sympathetic.  Marc Lamont Hill and Joy Behar, both far left progressives, say that she was planted by the tea party. 

The reality is that in a town hall setting all the questioners are "interviewed" before the president arrives.  They may not tell you what question to ask, but they certainly have an idea of what you are going to say.  Now, I live in the greater DC area.  In many ways we are isolated from the recession.  The unemployment rate is well below the national average.  It is somewhere around 6% the last time I checked. 

But, what exactly did the woman mean?  Was she only talking about economics?  I don't think that was all that she was saying.  The President campaigned on changing the way things are done in Washington.  We have certainly not seen that. 

Sestak being offered some sort of job to get out the race, being one just example.  The democratic response was that this happens "all the time".  Maybe it does, actually I am quite sure that it does happen all the time.  But, the point is that this President promised to change the status quo.  Hope and Change, Hope and Change, that is what we heard for almost two years before the election of Barack Obama.  We have not seen that. 

What we have seen is a congress that pushed through heathcare legislation that the majority of the country was against when it passed and has only grown more unpopular according to the polls.  This was done by hook or by crook.  A shining example was the executive order for tax payer funding of abortion.  Both Sestak and Obama both know full well that isn't worth the paper it is printed on.  It is a big fat lie. 

We have this president continuing the troubling trend of the executive branch consolidating power that the constitution never intended it to have.  Sadly, the congress is complicit in this reckless and dangerous disregard to our founding principles.  We have a president that has put admitted communists into high level positions in the white house.  That is simply appalling, and it should be to every American regardless of where you fall on the political spectrum.  Unless of course you are communist too. 

Was this woman a tea party plant?  Was she is far left plant?  I think that the answer she is neither.  She is a concerned American who is facing the daunting challenge of getting her two daughters a college education in an economy that is uncertain at best.  She is a CEO of a company that is facing government mandated costs that will increase the healthcare costs of that business.  She is woman who is trying to save for retirement.  She is a woman who is seeing that the "American Dream" is getting harder and harder to achieve and that scares her for her two children.  As hard as it may be for Behar and Hill to believe, some have woken up to the fact that Hope & Change was really just Smoke & Mirrors.

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