Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Conservative Girl Adventure - Fire Pelosi Bus Tour Kick Off

Today is the official kick off the Fire Pelosi Bus tour.  The first event was held in DC near the RNC headquarters.  That I was not able to get to, but I did make it to the first "official" candidate stop.  Keith Fimian is running the in VA 11th against a true blue progressive candidate. 

I would say about 50 people showed up, and we were quite lively.  We did some sign waving while waiting for the bus to arrive.  Northern Virginia isn't exactly known for it's conservative population, so the reaction from the cars was interesting.  We did get a few rude hand gestures, but we got many more honks and thumbs up!!  So that is a postive sign for Keith to oust Connolly. 

CNN's John King was in attendance.  I am waiting for the report, but we will see what he has to say. 

I did take a video of both speeches, but I am not having much luck getting them uploaded. 

For the dates of the tour go here.

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