Thursday, September 23, 2010

Holder's DOJ Day of Reckoning - NBPP Testimony Due on Friday

Chris Coates, a career civil rights attorney for the DOJ, will be testifying on Friday morning in front of the U.S. Civil Rights Commission.  Mr. Coates, formerly with the ACLU, is testifying at the risk of losing his job, as he has been ordered by the DOJ to ignore the subpoena that was served to him more than ten months ago. 

I don't understand for the life of me how the JUSTICE department in this country can ask it's employees to ignore a legal  subpoena.  Shortly after receiving this Mr. Coates was transferred to another office, which was considered a demotion of sorts. 

His testimony may be the corroboration of the testimony that given several months back by J. Christian Adams, which laid in detail how the DOJ has given instructions to it's civil rights division to ignore voting cases that are filed against any minority in general and to drop the charges against the NBPP specifically. 

The administration's response to Adams testimony had to been to call him a conservative (horror of horrors) who had a ideological agenda against the administration, as he had in the past given money to republican candidates.  They somehow forget to mention that he had also given money to democrats as well.  As if that makes any sort of difference.  He is an American citizen and as such has the right to give to any candidate that he so chooses.  They will have a much harder time painting Mr. Coates in this manner.  Not too many conservatives would do work with the ACLU.  We basically view them in lets just say a not so favorable light.  Mr. Coates was hired by President Clinton and during his tenure at justice has been promoted numerous times under both democrat and republican administrations.  He also in his forty year history as a civil rights attorney has only brought two cases against minority plaintiffs.  Not exactly a record that will be easy to attack.  I am sure that they will try if he does indeed confirm the testimony told by Mr. Adams. 

Get our your popcorn folks, this is going to be must see TV.

For some background on the case go here

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