Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Chris Christie "No Chance" He will Run for POTUS in 12

He leaves the door open for later, but it doesn't look like he will take a shot for it in two years.  Which is a smart move, he needs to finish out his term as Governor, and I am sure that the people in New Jersey are happy to hear this, as he is getting the budget under control there. 

Will Chris Christie run for president? N.J. Gov. says 'No chance'


LL said...

We need somebody with Gov. Christie's drive and character in Washington. I'm sorry that he's not considering a run.

Just Me said...

I agree that Christie is making the right decision. We need like 30 Christie in Congress, but the best option for the original is to follow through on his promises. If anything, I have more respect for him because of his decision.

Now, there is Allen West... I don't see any reason not to encourage him to defeat Obama in 2012.

Just a conservative girl said...

Just Me:
As much as I like West, he isn't ready for 12.

Anonymous said...

I hate to see him not run. But, It's good to see a politician that can is not driven by a power lust.

Just a conservative girl said...

It is nice to see you back. When are you being deployed again?

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