Monday, September 27, 2010

Gov. Christie Not Waiting for Superman

Governor Christie gives a short speech after the watching the documentary Waiting for Superman; a film made by the same film maker who made An Inconvenient Truth

I think Christie is not waiting for Superman, he is going to roll up his sleeves and work with Mayor of Newark who just received $100 Million from the founder of Facebook to come up with innovative ideas to increase the quality of our children's education.  We cannot continue on the path of falling further and further behind the developed world and still stay competitive on the world stage.  This is one of the major issues of our time.  Christie will not allow the unions to stand in the way of the reforms that are necessary. 


RightKlik said...

I hope Christie is up to the task of being POTUS soon. We desperately need that kind of leadership.

Just a conservative girl said...

he may have issues getting the nomination. He is not a social conservative. He is pro choice for one.

I would support him, but I am sure there are people who would not.

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