Friday, September 24, 2010

Christopher Coates Testifies - Racial Politics at the DOJ

Christopher Coates, a career attorney at the DoJ, testified today in front of the U.S. Civil Rights Commission today.  It did not bode well for the Obama administration or Attorney General Eric Holder.  Mr. Coates, formerly with the ACLU, was directed by the Holder justice department to defy the legal request by the commission to testify about his actions in the case of voter intimidation against The New Black Panther Party. 

The evidence of the members of NBPP being racist is so clear cut that it doesn't even need to be addressed, the videos of him saying you need to kill "cracker" babies speak for themselves.  Not to say that in and of itself makes them guilty of intimidating voters, but it does prove that they are indeed racist against white people. 

One of the excuses that I have heard from the likes of Kirsten Powers, an admitted liberal, was that the reason that this case should have been dropped was the fact that no one complained.  Well, that excuse has been blown out of the water with the testimony today.  The law states that all that is necessary to be guilty is to exhibit behavior that could intimidate voters.  Such as someone standing outside a polling place wearing a KKK outfit would more than enough to intimidate black voters from going inside and to perform their constitutional right to vote.  A black man standing outside a polling both brandishing a weapon asking white voters how they felt by being ruled by a black man is in no way different.  Mr. Coates even used such an example during his opening statement. 

Assume that two members of the KKK, one of which lived in apartment building that was being used as a polling place, showed up at the entrance in KKK uniform and that one of the Klansman was carrying a billystick.  Further assume that the two Klansman were yelling racial slurs at the black voters who were a minority of people registered to vote at this polling place, and the Klansman were blocking entrance to the ingress to the polling place.  Assume further that a local policeman comes on the scene and determines that the Klansman with the billy club must leave but the other Klansman could stay because he was certified as a poll watcher for a local political party. 
 Mr. Coates also testified that Julie Fernandez, an Obama appointee, made it perfectly clear that the department would not be pursing cases where the defendant was a minority and the disenfranchised voter was white.  As what happened with the Ike Brown case.  A black man who was found guilty of disenfranchising white voters in Mississippi in a district where whites are the minority of voters. Mr. Coates was the man who brought this case and was the attorney that prosecuted and won it.  The democratic party was also found guilty of disenfranishing voters.  Mr. Coates also made it perfectly clear that civil rights organizations, such as the NAACP, were very unhappy with the prosecution of Mr. Brown and did not want the case against NBPP to be pursued. 

Mr. Coates who had been promoted to head that department  during the Bush administration has given up that lucrative position due to outright hostility that he has endured since bringing the case against Ike Brown.  Once the Obama administration had taken office more and more of his authority was diminished.  Although, he was still the manager in charge and therefore would be held responsible for the work performed by the people underneath him.  This left him in a position to take a job in South Carolina which was a demotion.  Directly involved in the undermining of his authority is Loretta King; an attorney who has been sanctioned and personally fined for her race based behavior.  Mr. Coates also confirmed that the statements made at his going away party are accurate.  In which he said that he was leaving because the civil rights department no longer was interested in equal justice. 

It did not take long for the members that were assigned by the democratic party to come out and say that Mr. Coates was giving this testimony because of a political bias.  I saw that on the news in mid afternoon when Mr. Coates testimony ended about noon.  I am sure that they will be digging into any political contributions that he has made over the years, such as they did with J. Christian Adams.  Who in the past did give to republican candidates, but what was not as widely reported is that he also contributed to democratic candidates as well. 

Loretta King has a documented history of viewing her job as only protecting minorities instead of performing the job as equal rights under the law.  This is a problem not only for President Obama and AG Holder, but it is a problem for all Americans.  While the laws that were put into place almost five decades ago were necessary to protect minority voters, but that is not a reason to believe that only minorities can be discriminated against.  The Brown case proves that. 

Read his opening statement here.   

After you do, I think that you will come to same conclusion that I have come to, Eric Holder and President Obama have some xplain' to do. 

If you ever wondered why poll watchers are necessary, here is your answer.  If you have the time, get involved in the process to make sure that EVERY American has their constitutional right to vote protected.  Because it seems pretty obvious that if you happen to be white, the department of justice won't be. 

See some interviews performed right after the testimony concluded here


Matt said...

This is yet another example of the left not holding themselves to the ideals that they claim to hold dear.

The more that comes out about this, the more this administration well it should.

RightKlik said...

I think it's a pretty safe bet Coates is a Democrat based on his history as an ACLU lawyer, but I haven't been able to find any info on his political ideology.

Just a conservative girl said...

What they are already using against him is the fact that he is good friends with someone who works at Hertiage. The guy was attorney that at one time worked at Justice, and they got to know each other there I guess. But, he has "conservative friends" therefore, he has a bias. I have friends who are liberals. I am not. I don't see what one has to do with the other, but the people attacking him seem to.

joetote said...

For what it's worth, apparently, Mr. Coates was appointed by the Clinton administration. he comes across as an honest person who is willing to call a spade a spade if need be. We all are coming to the realization that people who speak the truth on either side of the aisle in effect become enemies of the state if it interferes with the establishment. Kudos Mr. Coates!

Anonymous said...

I would agree that Ike Brown needed to go down.
The NBPP ended about as well as could be expected. So, are you poor white conservatives going to argue that there is massive conspiracies against preppies across America ? You can no longer wear golf shirts in public ? The two cases were prosecuted but we were supposed to see giant conspiracies for you ?

Just a conservative girl said...

You cannot possibly think that not providing equal protection under the law is a good thing. You liberals talk about fairness, but this proves you are unwilling to provide it for everyone.

If one person in this country is made to feel uncomfortable while trying to vote, it is a danger to every person in this country. The color of that person is irrelevant. Every person has the right to vote freely. If you can't see that then you are truly lost.

You cannot tell me had it been the KKK standing outside a majority black voting area it would have ended the same way; and you know it. So stop with the consipacies theories that don't exist and admit the problem.

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