Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ah, I Love the Smell of Desperation in the Morning - Obama Should Reach out to the Tea Party?

"The Tea Party needs to be shown what our President has done that resonates with their ideals. Common themes are lower taxes, smaller government, slowing down illegal immigration, and creating private sector jobs (and keeping companies from going overseas.)

Well, let's look at the President's record on these issues since taking office 20 months ago. He lowered taxes on the middle class in his stimulus plan, government jobs have declined this past month by 121,000 so it could be said that he is shrinking government while private jobs increased by 67,000 (jobs have been increasing steadily for Obama's first year after being lost on the average of 700,000 a month under President Bush's last year in office), and despite claims of otherwise by Arizona Governor Brewer with her false accusations of beheadings, illegal immigration has declined this past year and there have been more deportations under President Obama than President George W. Bush. President Obama also kept his campaign promises for health care reform (which he believes will create more private jobs) and getting us militarily out of Iraq. But the President never gets any credit for these accomplishments."

The liberals must be getting desperate if they think that the president would reach out to The Tea Party.  The Tea Party goes against everything that Obama believes in.  What about Limited Government doesn't the liberals understand? 
The military pull out of Iraq has nothing to do with President Obama, that was signed, sealed and delivered by President Bush before the election.  It isn't his accomplishment although he sure as heck has tried to make it so.  Illegal immigration is down because the economy is bad, as soon as more jobs are available the numbers will go right back up.  It's the economy stupid, not anything that the Obama administration has done. 
The liberals also don't seem to get that EVERYONE'S taxes will be going up in January.  The left winged media meme was that only the "rich" got tax breaks under the Bush administration, but it simply isn't the case.  Unless Congress gets off it's duff, we will all be seeing our taxes increase come January. 
The Census workers have finished with their jobs, that is the decrease in government employees.  The Greater DC area has an unemployment rate of less than 6% the last time I checked.  The reason for that is the increase in government jobs since Obama has taken office. 
How can The Tea Party people believe anything that this current administration may do to reach out if the facts are not even correct?  
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LL said...

If obama, out of a sense of remorse for his failure in office, should resign, step down and go into exile in Kenya, the Tea Party would throw him a going away shindig.

Short of that, he's going to be left with a Congress that doesn't buy into the socialist thing and the next two years will be Tea Party Years.

Opus #6 said...

They beat us to a pulp for an entire year and a half, then they want us to understand why we should love them.


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