Monday, March 15, 2010

Proxy Anyone? DC Rally Updates

12 of us will be going to DC tomorrow for the rally.  Dem's have been told to expect 10,000 people tomorrow and are being advised to speak to people within their districts. 

If you leave me your name, city, state, zip, and your congressman, we will spread out and make sure that we sign in at your offices. 


Opus #6 said...

You can proxy me if you like. Although my representative is Gary Miller, and he is adamant against Obamacare. So depending on how many takers you get, and in what crucial areas, feel free to represent me. I can email you my info.

Just a conservative girl said...

Yeah go ahead and email. You have the address. We have plenty of people going tomorrow, so we will be able to hit at least 50 offices if not more. They usually have people outside of the office with a book to sign so it doesn't take long. We may not have time for yes votes though. I did this on facebook as well so I should have a pretty good list of names to hit.

Teresa said...

Thank You so much for the offer. You are so kind. I am on the edge of Rep. Jason Altmire's (really in Tim Murphy's district but thank goodness he's a definite NO vote) district in PA and he's on the fence and leaning toward voting Yes for this bill, so if you could visit his office, I would be ever grateful. He needs many nudges to vote NO on this bill. Thanks.

Soloman said...

I live in John Shaddegg's district, and he's a confident NO vote.

I wish I had an address in any other AZ district I could fake it with, I'd have you sign for me. These people make me sick.

Good luck, happy hunting!!

Winston said...

The DemoNRats are destroying the USA

Just a conservative girl said...

I did stop by Altmire's office. He certainly was popular today. One of the longest lines I saw all day.

We brought cupcakes to yours as a thank you, and I left him your name and blog address.

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