Sunday, March 14, 2010

Conservative Girl Adventures - Progressive Activists Need a Roomate

I have a girl friend that is going through a divorce. She will really be struggling to keep her townhouse on her own, so she has decided to get a roommate so she has extra money every month. She was reading some ads on Craig's List just to get an idea of what other people were saying. She came across an ad from progressive activists that need a roommate. She and I decided to take this chance to see what was up, as they made a real big deal about the "progressive activists" part of the ad.

So we go to the house that they are renting. It was a riot. Now, I have no problem with them being activists as they are Americans and have constitutional rights just like I do. They are young, early to mid twenties I would say and they all met in college and became politically active. They went to Columbia; at hot bed of liberal thinking. They decided to move here after college so they could be more politically active, one actually works on the hill; but he wouldn't say for whom.

The house is in a nice area. We turn onto the street and immediately see signs showing support of the President. This is not unusual in this part of Virginia as it is a very liberal area; except for the fact the election was over 18 months ago. I would think that most people have removed their signs by now. I have long since taken down my McDonnell for Governor sign that I had up and he has only been in office for two months.

We get into the house and there are pictures of progressive heroes EVERYWHERE! They have a huge poster of Che in the living room. But, what was even scarier than the poster itself was the fact that under the poster is a side table that had candles on it. Now, it may very well not be related, but it was odd to say the least. It took every ounce of self control I had not to ask if they prayed in front of the poster every night before going to bed. I did ask if they had read his diaries, and they said no, they have seen the movie though. Another Shocker, having hero worship of someone that they don't fully understand was a murderer.

We got to talking; it seemed to me that they were trying to get the political slant of the person who would move in. One of them works in the direct mail fundraising field; a field that I worked in for a long time so I am very familiar. I am aware of where she works, and they do work for progressive non profits. Most of which are environmental organizations, but they also do work for Planned Parenthood. I asked her if she was a fan of Sanger and she said of course. I have to wonder if they know that she used to speak at KKK rallies, and her real purpose was to get rid of "undesirables" as one of the people who lived there is a minority.

I also tried to read the all the literature that they had laying around, but I couldn't really do it without drawing too much attention. They had a great deal about health care; they are fans of a single payer system. I also noticed that they are planning on showing up at the rally at the Capitol on Tuesday morning. They also must have attended the Coffee Party events that happened here in Virginia yesterday. The signs were not nearly as inventive as what I have seen at the Tea Parties.

It probably wasn't nice wasting their time in this way, but I couldn't resist the temptation. I had to go and take a look. My friend is much more liberal than I, but they went too far even for her. It was a funny experience that I thought I would share. I am going to look for them on Tuesday and say hello. I wish I could have taken pictures, but I didn't want to be forcibly removed if they found out that I am a conservative blogger.  I am going to print out some information on Sanger and Che for them, I think they should know who these people really are.  If they still choose to burn candles in front of them, then so be it.  That is their choice. 


Anonymous said...

excellent sleuthing! all based on emotions...never well informed those libs!

Opus #6 said...

LMAO! This gets the "best story of the month award" from me. At first read I thought you informed them that Sanger spoke at the KKK rallies and worried they would throw you forcibly OUT, but I see you held your tongue. Next time I would love to see a Breitbart-esque You Tube hidden camera vid. Is that legal in your state? Ha! What a hoot! Hey, at least the candles were on a side table and not a mounted shelf right underneath the poster. These people are a caricature and don't even know it!

Opus #6 said...

I tweeted this post. Too funny!

Sparky said...

Good report! I have suspected for some time that most of these Comrade Zero followers where uneducated in politics. Do print that information and send it. I pray for them that they'll have a change of heart and be saved before it's too late. :)

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