Saturday, March 27, 2010

Bibi Shamed - Is Israel Ready to Bomb Iran?

Bibi Netanyahu left Washington, DC earlier this week in shame according to world newspapers. It was been widely reported that trouble has been about the announcement of additional settlements in Jerusalem. Jerusalem has always been and will continue to be one of the most difficult issues when it comes to lasting peace with the Palestinians.

Apparently it had become so contentious that Bibi felt he needed to go back to the Israeli embassy to use the phone, as he was not comfortable and felt that he may be eavesdropped on. Of course, that has not been said publically, but it is a pretty serious charge if true.

The Israeli's have been very consistent about one thing, the willingness they show for peace talks revolves around how secure they feel at that particular moment. The Israeli's are not feeling very secure right now. Iran is getting closer and closer to nuclear weapons and the capacity to hit Israel. Why exactly would they feel secure at the moment?

Does anyone really believe that President Obama has publically dissed Israel over a few apartment buildings? Was the real reason that Netanyahu was in town was to tell the President they are ready to bomb Iran? It seems very unlikely to me that we would put Bibi in the position of worldwide embarrassment over some apartment buildings, especially when you consider the proof that the announcement for the building permits was simply bad timing, no ill will was intended. If it is indeed true that Israel is moving closer to taking real action with Iran, the very last thing we should be doing is put them in a position that they don't trust us.


Just Me said...

Maybe it's not really apartment buildings they want to build... maybe it's a temple ;-)
I really don't think Israel will ever strike first; I do believe that if they feel an imminent threat coming, they will take steps to defend themselves.

Just a conservative girl said...

Just Me:
I am not sure that I agree, they went after Iraq in the past. History has shown that they are willing to attack.

Also, what is imminent? The leadership in Iran is very unstable. They believe that the end of the world is a good thing. The 12th Iman may come after they bomb Israel.

They can't wait until the bomb is in the air, they would have to destroy the capability beforehand.

I also don't think too many tears would be shed around the Middle East if Israel destroys the capability. The other Arab countries are not jazzed with Iran, they all know how unstable they are.

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