Thursday, March 25, 2010

Of Course, It's Sarah's Fault - Palin Derangement Syndrome Continues

As we have all heard by now, some members of congress have received threats during the past few weeks during the run up to the healthcare vote.  There is no justification for acts of violence.  There just isn't.   Stupak has released some voice mail messages that have been left for him at his office.  He was called a human piece of shit and told that people wish him ill.  To me, that goes with the job and is not a threat.  Wishing someone ill may not be nice, but it certainly doesn't constitute a threat.  Congresswoman Slaughter's office had a window broken with a brick.  Again, not really a threat, but an act of vandalism on federal property is a serious crime.  If this person is ever caught they should be prosecuted to the fullest exent of the law.  Someone also left a message about snipers.  Again, a serious offensive that needs to investigated and prosecuted if the person is found. 

But what was Congresswoman Slaughter's response to this act of vandalism?  Blame it on Sarah Palin.  Of course, it must be Palin's fault.  Sarah sent out a facebook message the day after the bill passed, in this note, her message was one of not losing hope, but to take a step back and realize that we need to move onto the next battle.  That battle being the elections in November.  After her resignation as Governor of Alaska she told the story of her father saying that she wasn't retreating, but reloading.  She used this phrase in her note.  Anyone that is a fan of hers, knows exactly where this phrase came from and the meaning of it.  But, Slaughter in her infinite wisdom has taken as "coded rheotoric". 

Not only is the congresswoman saying that Palin is inciting violence, she is also saying that anyone who is fan of Sarah is such a lemming that they will pick up a gun and start shooting members of congress.  So let me clear this up for you Congresswoman:

I can't stand your belief system.  I think you and your ilk are arrogant and controlling.  I resent the hell out of the fact that you think that American's are so damn stupid that we need to you to step in and take care of all the ills in our lives, because we certainly can't be responsible enough to do it for ourselves.  I am sick to death of your spitting on the constitution and behaving like it doesn't exist.  I have had it with your belief that you know best.  You have called me a racist, a tea bagger, a religious nutjob, but that is not enough, now you want to characterize me as a person who is so feeble minded that I somehow am going to pick up  a gun and shoot someone because Sarah Palin tells me to.  Who exactly is feeble minded in this scenerio?  I think that must be you.

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