Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Things that make you say hmm - Nancy Pelosi Edition

NANCY PELOSI: Well, you know, some people will do anything for the insurance companies

The politician who received more money than any other in history: President Barack Obama

The political party that has received more money this election cycle from insurance companies: Democrats

The margin that democrats have outraised the republicans: 2 to 1

With the law that was signed yesterday, the taxpayers will now be subsidizing payments to none other insurance companies. 

Speaker Pelosi has received almost $230,000 from health industry pacs this year. 

The amount over the minority leader Boehner: $70,000

Source: Washington Examiner


hometown guy said...

how about, now that the bill has passed, we see how it works?

what the republicans are doing today to the committees trying to meet today about, among other things, homeless veterans and defense appropriations is disgusting.

and i say that as someone who tries not to resort to name calling. i am truly sickened. i don't even know that i have the energy to engage in conversation about this stuff anymore.

Barbara said...

Unlike the above commentor, I am disgusted with those phony Democrats. And the insurance companies are going to be sorry they schmoozed up to Obama. Little did they imagine they will be put out of business.
I hope the Republicans try to screw everything up they can until we can take over and repeal everything.

Just a conservative girl said...

Normally I find you to be a level headed guy. But this comment is way over the top. If you find what is being done today sickening, yet can defend the cornhusker kickback, the Louisana purchase, the deals for CT, MI, and all the other deals okay, than I really may have to change my view of you. If your ends justify the means, than turnabout is fair play.

What you should be sick about is the fact the democrats did whatever they had to do to get a bill that majority didn't want. Congressman and Senators voted for a bill that their districts/states were against. You should also be pretty disgusted that the white house had the outright nerve to say that process doesn't matter. Just because Americans were not paying attention to it in the past, doesn't make it okay. It does matter. Writing bribery into legislation is sinful. No matter who does it. They perverted the process and today is only the one of the prices that they are going to pay for it. Oh and surprise, surprise close to million dollars is going to Stupak's local airport. Hmm, he betrayed his belief system for $700K. That should make you sick.

What about charging students higher interest rates to cover costs for a healthcare bill that the majority of the country didn't want?

The young people who seem to be all jazzed to get this bill passed have no idea how much of it will be coming out not only their wallets, but also limiting the vitalitality of the job markets that they will need to manuver as they age. That also should make you sick. Do you really believe that small businesses are going to hire people with a good salary if they have to pay for insurance? How long will it be before people find out that their employer is paying a lesser percentage of the insurance coverage they offer? That should sicken you.

Anonymous said...

I have long said that laws passed by Congress need to be lived under by everybody -- including the pampered, privileged Senators and Representatives!

Oh, and the committee making the bill is exempt? And the Unions? And the Congress? And their staffs? How many millions of people are exempt from following the law that will have US put into jail if we try to insist we don't want to follow it?

It's an 'obomination', and America needs to speak up!


hometown guy said...

CG, i'm just upset. i don't mean any disrespect to you or your readers. i'm just upset right now. we disagree on things and sadly i don't think either of us can change the other's mind. of course i'm against what ben nelson and others did (which is no longer part of the legislation, by the way) - anyone who cares about their country would be against that, it was disgusting.
but people on my side viewed the thing in a larger context. slimeballs will always grasp for power, whichever side of the aisle they are on. neither party can claim its members are pure and honest, or even better than those on the other side. we look at what work they are doing and decide how much personal greed we are willing to put up with in the name of the greater good. in this case it was close. with most of the graft stripped out of the new bill, i feel a lot better about it.
i know you and others were not huge fans of george bush (something we can agree on), but the fact remains that there was a republican majority and president for a very long time, very recently, and i think it's safe to say that did not go well. you can't hang all the blame for that on GWB and say 'give us another chance.' how about you let the new majority party have THEIR chance and see how things go instead of fighting endlessly and sowing discord?
i know you are standing up for what you believe in, and i respect that, so please don't take my words the wrong way. i'm just upset and frustrated, which i know for some people is the goal. i don't believe it is the goal of your blog, which is why i appreciate it.

Just a conservative girl said...

What we all need to do is stand up and force congress to clean out the swamp. Process matters.

We have no one to blame but ourselves for this mess. We have given them too much power. That is what I am fighting for. We have to get rid of the power hungry who could care less what is right for this country.

Social Security is now officially out of money, 8 years earlier than expected. Both parties are to blame. This administration could care less about our debt, they are too busy "transforming" America. All one has to do is look at the polls to know that American's don't want this type of transformation. 60% of Floridians approve of the lawsuit against Obamacare.

This administration campaigned on changing the way things are done in DC. They have failed miserably. They have been in power for one year and all we have seen is legislation that is tainted. They went about this by hook or by crook and could care less what the American public wanted. This is what people were talking about when they were saying they wanted his administration to fail. They want the country to succeed, but this hi speed rail to socialism to fail. He is trying to us into Europe. We will not go quietly. So no, we can't just get along. We have to stand and fight for what we believe in or I may as well go live in Paris. While I love Paris, I don't want to live in a quasi-socialist nation. Have you read the foreign press? THEY think we are turning towards communism. Pravda is having a real good laugh at what is going on here.

He didn't bring us together, and he never will because he isn't willing to listen to what most Americans want.

By the way - the Louisana Purchase is still there. They only took the others out because they were forced to, if it didn't get the media attention it would have been left in. You are smart enough to know that. The majority of Americans want to be left alone and live their lives. They don't want government involved in how they go about their daily lives.

I really hope that you are not saying that the left gave Dubbya a chance. Because they did not. He was rallied around briefly after 9/11, but for the balance of the time he harpooned on a daily basis. One other point I want to bring up, when Bush was pushing to privatize parts of social security and the congress and the some of the public pushed back he walked away. I believe that was a mistake, as I would rather control my money, but the point being he listened instead of forcing his will down our throats. Obama will not walk away, he is going to push and push and to hell with what the country wants. He knows better. It is arrogant.

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