Thursday, March 18, 2010

More Bad News for Romneycare - Something to Look Forward to (Not)

Romneycare is one of the few models we have to look at as a guide to Obamacare.  More results are in, and they aren't good. 

Per capita spending is 27% higher than the national average

Massachusetts Medical Society has stated that there is a "critical shortage" of primary care doctors

56% of internists will no longer be accepting new patients

If you are able to find a doctor, the average wait time is 44 days.  (I have never waited 44 days to see any doctor, except as all women know, your gynocologist)

Emergency room visits have increased 7% between 05 and 07

More than 50% of those visits were not emergencies

75% of the major insurance carriers in the state had operating losses for 2009

More than 50% of the people who are newly insuranced, pay nothing for the coverage.  The system was set up that everyone would pay something towards the costs. 

The state mandates for insurance coverage cost more than $1 billion per year.  People think that our rising costs are due to lack of government oversight, but this study proves the rising costs are due, at least in part, by the government oversight

Studies in the state have found that having insurance doesn't give you access to healthcare, having access to doctor is what gives you healthcare:
"Just because you have insurance doesn't mean there's a [primary care] physician who can see you."
American College of Emergency Physicans

I think that Romney can kiss any chance of the GOP nomination good-bye, especially when he keeps sticking up for this program. 

Information from Galen Institute and Wall Street Journal

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Opus #6 said...

Socialism doesn't work. Yet socialists insist it will THIS time. Isn't that the definition of insanity?

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