Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Showin' a Little Love For Harry - Showdown In Searchlight

It's being hailed as a "Conservative Woodstock" - a historic event in the tea party movement where thousands upon thousands of patriots will gather in Harry Reid's hometown of Searchlight, NV and demand an end to his term in public office.

So many people are heading to Searchlight, NV for this historic event (which takes place this Saturday, March 27th) that the local motels and campgrounds are now totally full.

As mentioned in the report, local operators at Lake Mead have scrambled to get houseboats prepared for those of you coming to the Searchlight rally and needing a place to overnight (either the night before the event, the night of the event, or both).

You can reserve one of the few remaining houseboats online via Cottonwood Cove Resorts online here:

There's also a toll-free number you can call: 1-800-255-5561

Cheaper hotel and motel accomodations are still available in Laughlin and Las Vegas, which are both about 1-hour from Searchlight (well, 1-hour away on a normal day without traffic).

WARNING: Hotels even in Laughlin are now selling out, so act fast if you want to get a room there. If you cannot find an available room in Laughlin, your next best bet is to try Las Vegas hotels. We obviously want as many people in Laughlin to join us for the big caravan from "Harrah's Laughlin" between 9:30 - 10:00 AM - and then we will all caravan up to the rally site in Searchlight led by the Tea Party Express buses.

Complete details on accomodations and transportation for the "Showdown in Searchlight" can be found at our website here:

P.S. As of today you can still get on a charter bus heading to Searchlight because more groups are still finding buses available at the last minute, and our team is working to match up requests for a bus seat (from people like you) with local organizers who still have room on a bus. To get a seat on one of the buses heading to Searchlight, send your name, city & state in an email:

And they thought we were going away.  Fat Chance

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Janie Lynn said...

Oh man I can't wait to see the coverage of this!

Wait - WHAT coverage??

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