Monday, March 22, 2010

Portrait of a Jack Ass - Rev. Jackson Taunting Protesters

So, tonight I went down to the Capitol. It was really crazy. It was a much smaller crowd than yesterday, but what we lacked in numbers, we more than made up for in enthusiasm. There were pro reform people there as well. For the most part, they left us alone. At point during the night Rev. Jesse Jackson made an appearance.

Here was there to gloat, no other reason. He had nothing to add to anything. Apparently he was there for a "meeting", where he was standing was actually blocked off and we were not allowed there. Why he, a private citizen, was allowed to be there is beyond me.

But in any event, he is an ass. Anyone who reads my blog regularly knows, I don't normally swear or call people names, but in this case, he deserves it.


RightKlik said...

The Marxists had a good day.

Just a conservative girl said...

Oh, they believe that now. Once they have to start opening up their own wallets they won't be happy anymore.

Soloman said...

Interesting.. completely off topic, but tonight I was reading a lefty blog run by a guy named Malcolm - "Diversity, Inc." he calls his blog. He comments at Teresa's blog every so often, don't know if you've encountered him. Seems nice, but he's a non-thinker who is blinded by race and ideology.

Anyway - he was complaining about the lack of colored girls on a recent cover of "Vanity Fair" magazine, like that's something important and worthy of complaining about.

I started (but never finished) writing a comment to him which invoked the name Jesse Jackson, because this guy Malcolm is of the same vein as the Rev. Jackson. Pure race-baiter, nothing more, nothing less.

I hate to say it, but this is a great day for the king of all race-baiters. This is the beginning of reparations the race-card players seek, because they know that initially this is going to cost the "rich white business owners" of America more than anyone else.

Unfortunately what he doesn't understand is that just like affirmative action, this will benefit nobody in the long run, because this simply weakens the resolve of the individual.

Just a conservative girl said...

I used to have a commenter named Kid. He has the same mentality. He looks at himself as a victim. It is sad, how can life possibly get better if you are using looking at yourself as less than?

Janie Lynn said...

Jackson has been in the public eye for way too long. He hasn't accomplished much in his lifetime and now pretty much just tries to get his face out there when something important is going on. Cannot stand the man.

Anonymous said...

Y'all will find out. Trouble is, the right wing will destroy the world and take themselves and millions of innocent people with them. You know what right-wingers remind me of? A bunch of Nazis. Right wingers are racist vermin.

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