Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Palin Makes a Funny on the Tonight Show - The Lunatic Left is not Laughing

Last Night Sarah Palin made an appearance on The Tonight Show. She and Jay had a little chat, and then she did a stand up routine of sorts. I rarely, if ever, watch Leno, but I did tune in to see her.

I thought she was pretty funny when she did her little comedy routine, but I am pre-disposed to like her, as she is a conservative girl too. Today, I was doing my usual rounds of the net. I took a gander at the CNN blog entry of her appearance. It certainly was not glowing, but it wasn’t a hit job either. Then, I read the comments……

Now, I have been pretty open about the fact that I don’t want her to get the nomination in 12. But my reasoning is not at all about hate or thinking she is lacking in the intelligence department. She certainly isn’t stupid. If people actually took the time to look at her resume they would realize that, especially when you throw in the fact that she is only in mid forties. She has accomplished a great deal, she can’t be as stupid as the lunatic left makes her out to be.

But, many on left can’t let go of the caricature that was painted of her during the campaign. Some, to this day can’t differentiate between the SNL skit and her.

Let’s have a little fun and take a look at the comments:

Looks like a failure at stand-up comedy too. This bimbo couldn't chew gum and fart at the same time. Aah, the party of tolerance!!

Well, she should explore something other than presidential politics. And also something other than trying to hijack the Tea Party movement, too. I didn't realize she was hi-jacking the tea party movement.

not bad , kinda funny. but I thought she was a bigger joke when she ran for vp

Although I would still rather vote for my dog instead of her, kudos to Sarah Palin's advisors for effective repackaging. Jeans, lighter make-up, self-depreciating humor courtesy of a joke writer, it was all designed to make Ms. Palin more affable. The question is whether Ms. Palin will be able to remain in this new persona. Personally, I doubt it. With an undiscernable sense of humor and a thin skin, all it will take is one spark to make her go off script. Fun to watch American marketing in action though.

Being a joke doesn't make you a comedian.

Sarah Palin's kids ARE victims...of their own mother's crossing the line. Its a shame Leno has to resort to boosting this Borderline Personality Narcissistic excuse for a republican leader  Aah, back to the bad mother mantra

Keep your day job with FOX. Your lack of talent works best in that environment.

She is more rude and crass than those she accuses. None of her jokes were funny. I have rarely heard her say anything positive about any person, place or thing. But she can "see Russia from Alaska!!!" And, if she wants to stay in the limelight she needs to toughen up and accept that her family will be the brunt of negataive and positive comments. Uum, you think she is stupid, but this is something that Tina Fey said.  Sarah Palin never said this.  Kettle meet pot

Said Palin, "I'm still waiting for that line to be uncrossed: Just some common decency, allowing the kids to not be, I guess, the victim in all this because they certainly don't deserve it."

Try not trotting them out as political props!  You don't see her kids all that much since the election ended. 

Her father taught her how to cheat?!! We won't even discuss how many times she has put her children front and center and then complained about all the attention they receive. Sarah, please just shut up and go back to Alaska.  Umm, when it was cheating to write notes on your hand, it was Sen. Feinstein that did it.  Sarah was sitting for a Q&A, not having a debate. 

Even in this comedic spot she remains sarcastic and cutting while attempting to disguise her true nature behind a folksy, smiling veneer.

She strikes me as the archetypal "mean girl" in high school.
Sarah used her infant son as a political prop during her convention speech when she was nominated for VP. There was no reason for a child that young to be in the convention hall, because he was too young to have any understanding of what was going on. Piper's presence was perfectly reasonable. But to take the infant into the convention hall, and have the cameras repeatedly cut to him, amounted to nothing more than exploiting him as a political prop. So now she's upset with the consequences of that., Too bad.Where was she supposed to put him, in the hallway? 

She LOVES the spotlight...what does doing stand-up on Leno have to do with her political career?!  Umm, she doesn't currently have a political career.
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Opus #6 said...

I SO want to meet you for lunch or dinner or something. Let me know.

Opus #6 said...

Hey, if you want to leave your email addy in my comments, I will not publish it.

Soloman said...

I thought she did well with Leno. He's rather fair, unlike Letterman who can be such a snot.

Interestingly, when discussing Romney's appearance on Letterman's show, Chris Matthews made mention of the idea (as Romney defended her against Letterman) that Palin might not run in '12, but said to watch how all the candidates treat her, because she is the golden ticket of endorsements in the eyes of many.

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